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Range of dental treatments and services

We advise three-step approach to treatment:

  1. consultation with a dentist;
  2. diagnostics and treatment plan preparation;
  3. treatment completion and oral cavity hygiene programme.

We have a comprehensive offer of treatments and services guaranteeing extensive specialist care, including:

  • prophylaxis

Dental caries and gum disease are caused by bacteria. It is important to adhere to the rules of hygiene, carefully select a toothbrush for interdental cleaning and match it to the tooth type. The hygienists at our Clinic perform procedures of plaque removal, air abrasion and fluoride varnish treatment.

  • aesthetic dentistry

Everyone wants to have beautiful, white and straight teeth. Stained teeth or crooked bite (or incomplete dentition) make us smile less frequently. Therefore, not only do we take care of our patients’ health but also make them happier. After a professionally performed procedure by one of our hygienists (plaque removal and air abrasion) we go on to whitening. The methods used in our Clinic are adjusted to the needs and possibilities of each patient individually: night time whitening (the so-called overlay method) which takes about six nights; or whitening at the Clinic by means of Beyond (UV) lamp after tooth gel application (about 90 minutes).

In the case of teeth which are more troublesome in terms of whitening, dead teeth, enamel hypoplasia or damaged incisal edges, we use veneer – thin porcelain layers glued to tooth surface.


  • conservative dentistry

In the case of small, superficial cavities in the frontal part, we use modern filling materials. For reconstruction of teeth at the side or back, we recommend ceramic or composite fillings (onlay). Upon every patient’s request, we perform each procedure with local anaesthesia or after an X-ray test, if necessary.

  • root canal treatment

Root canals are treated during a single visit at the Clinic. We work on the root canal taking advantage of the state-of-the-art methods of modern endodontics. We always use a dental dam, endometers and liquid gutta-percha. X-rays and microscopes are part of the standard procedure.

  • implantology

Today there is no dentistry without implantology. The implant is nothing else but an artificial, though as good as natural, tooth root, which can act as a „base” for ceramic crowns and bridges, thus replacing a lost tooth. This kind of treatment is successfully conducted among patients with only one tooth missing or those who have partial or complete edentulism. The body of scientific literature on the subject and our several-year clinical experience prove the efficacy of this procedure and evince its superiority over other alternative courses of treatment. The availability of 3D imaging lets us implement methods of surgical navigation and three-dimensional planning based on computer tomography, which makes implant-related procedures far safer, shorter and more predictable.

  • surgery

The surgery of the 21th century is, first and foremost, reconstructive, rather than destructive. Thanks to advanced methods of root canal treatment, tooth extraction procedures have become marginal in the overall number of dental surgeries. The need for reduced invasiveness and increased precision of treatment has contributed to a widespread use of techniques which used to be known in micro-surgery only. The present-day dental surgery focuses on reaching even higher levels of aesthetic perfection and on tooth durability extension.

  • prosthodontics

Prosthodontics deals with recreation of the conditions characteristic of patient’s original occlusion after loss or damage (grinding) of teeth. There are different types of dentures: permanent (which are not taken out of the oral cavity), e.g. crowns and bridges; or skeletal, i.e. based on metal or acryl. We are going to expand our offer with mixed dentures (dentures which are not permanently fixed but they are connected to the permanent implants by means of bolts, clasps and bars). When suggesting different options to our patients, we always familiarize them with the advantages and disadvantages of particular solutions.
Our patients are particularly interested in zirconium crowns and bridges due to their unique aesthetic features. We cooperate with an excellent prosthetic laboratory, where a prosthetic technician always listens to patients’ needs when a sizeable or complex denture is to be prepared.

  • pedodontics

We try to help our youngest patients overcome the anxiety and fear of a dentist. We treat them with a special care and patience. Children may enjoy a short tour around our facilities and learn about the work of a dentist. We do our best to establish such relations with them which will enable us to achieve good treatment results. We aim at making children feel the need for regular appointments at a dentist’s and make them realize that a dentist is their friend.

  • periodontics

We always have an individual approach to our patients. We deal with a person, not a disease. We try to find the cause of advanced periodontium problems. Once gum disease has been eliminated and open or closed curettage performed, together with a patient we strive to discover what lies behind their advanced bruxism (grinding or clenching of the teeth). In this case we often suggest psychological consultations.