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Price list

In our Clinic we discuss individual treatment plans with our patients. It is only after such a consultation that we can estimate treatment costs. Below are the prices of selected dental procedures.

Taking into consideration our patients’ needs, we participate in MediRaty – a programme which makes it easier for the patients to obtain a loan for dental treatments.

Conservative and aesthetic dentistry

Procedure Price (zł)
Consultation & comprehensive treatment plan 100
Light-cured composite filling 120-200
Crown 160
Temporary filling 30
Fluoride varnish treatment 50
Dentine hypersensitivity treatment (1 tooth) 20
Whitening (7-day method) 750
Whitening (single visit) 900
Dental deposit removal and air abrasion 150-200
Plaque removal 100
Air abrasion 100
Devitalisation 100
Primary root canal treatment (single-rooted tooth) 250
Primary root canal treatment (double-rooted tooth) 350
Primary root canal treatment (triple-rooted tooth) 500
Secondary root canal treatment (single-rooted tooth) 300
Secondary root canal treatment (double-rooted tooth) 450
Secondary root canal treatment (triple-rooted tooth) 650
Local (intravenous) anaesthesia 20


Procedure Price (zł)
Milk tooth composite filling 120
Fissure sealant application (1 tooth) 50
Silver impregnation of nerve fibres in milk teeth (4 visits) 120
Milk tooth devitalisation 50

Diagnostic imaging

Procedure Price (zł)
Digital X-ray 20
Ortho-pantograph X-ray 50


Procedure Price (zł)
Crown – porcelain fused to metal 750
Crown – porcelain fused to gold (gold is not included in the price) 800
Crown – full porcelain (CAD-CAM Method) 1600
Temporary crown 100
Crown on implant – glass ceramic 300-400
Crown on implant – full cast 300-400
Skeletal prosthesis 1500
Partial dentures 800
Full denture 1000

Dental surgery

Procedure Price (zł)
Permanent tooth surgical extraction 150
Permanent tooth surgical extraction with chisel 300
Periodontal extraction 100
Impacted tooth surgical extraction 300-600
Milk tooth extraction 50-150
Gingivectomy (1 tooth) 150
Surgical exposure of partially impacted tooth 300
Frenuloplasty 300
Closed curettage (1 tooth) 100
Open curettage (1 tooth) 200


Procedure Price (zł)
Consultation & treatment plan (ortho-pantography included in the price) 150
Consultation & treatment plan based on computed tomography and digital simulation (computed tomography not included in the price) 220-440
Surgical implantation 2500-3500
Implant exposure and healing abutment application (per implant) 200-400
Alveolar process augmentation with biomaterial and barrier membrane 800-2000
Sinus floor elevation 2000-3500
Crown – metal and porcelain fused on titanium abutment 1400 – 3000
Surgical extraction of dental implant 1000